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A 1997 graduate of the University of Toledo, Keri’s pathway to a fractional CMO and marketing expert has been in the works for over two decades. He welcomes the opportunity to bring his knowledge of developing strategic marketing plans to his clients and enjoys nothing more than strategizing for an afternoon and putting long-term plans in place for his clients and colleagues.


Keri Samiec was born, raised and educated in the midwest. His blue-collar roots had him heavily involved with the trades at a young age. In fact, he worked as a remodeler and hauling steel to pay his way through college. With his father a plumber by trade, his brother-in-law a carpenter and his brother a civil engineer, the building materials industry has always been in his blood.  Keri cut his teeth on the Owens Corning account directly out of college.


Keri resides in Ohio with his wife, Juli, and enjoys personal development and backpacking throughout North America. He and his wife travel extensively when not spending time with family and friends.

photo of keri samiec and his career as fractional cmo and marketing expert

Keri's Story

Keri is a 24 year veteran in the field of marketing and advertising. He has a BBA and MBA from the University of Toledo.  And has spent the past two decades servicing companies in the building materials and home improvement category.

In his role as a Strategic Marketer, he has counseled and advised the C-suite along with marketing and sales teams for many well-known brands that service the building materials industry. These include Ansell Healthcare, Dow Chemical, General Electric (GE), Owens Corning, STYROFOAM Brand Insulation, Therma-Tru Doors, Whirlpool and many more.

Over the years, Keri has been known best for his ability to create "strategies on a page". In 2021, Keri recognized the need for a more detailed, structured and tactical approach to the process of developing strategic marketing plans. Because of this, he not only started Keri Samiec Consulting, but also The Builder Marketer to service the home building industry.

Keri has a strong desire to help others better understand the field of marketing.  He takes a hands-on approach to walk business executives and marketing professionals through a systematic process to evaluate their audience and the best tools and tactics to reach them in their marketing plans.

Keri is both a Digital Marketer and Keap (fka InfusionSoft) Certified Partner. In his new role as fractional CMO, he advises clients on how to deploy digital automation techniques to make them more efficient, increase the lifetime value (LTV) of their customers and ultimately add to their bottom line profitability.

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Over the past 20+ years, Keri has worked with a number of notable B-to-B agencies in the midwest to foster his expertise as a fractional CMO and marketing expert. It is through the employers below that Keri had the opportunity to work with some of the most well-known brands in the US.

Agency Employers

SBC was a full-service advertising agency headquartered in Columbus OH with satellite locations in WV, FL and CO. It has since been acquired and absorbed into Fahlgren. News of the Merger

Role: Account Director

Fahlgren has since become Fahlgren-Mortine. It is now one of the largest-independently run agencies in North America with locations throughout the country.

Role: Account Supervisor

HQ’d in Cincinnati, OH, HSR was at one point in time the largest B2B agency in the country. It has since been acquired by a European firm and is now known as GYRO Advertising.

Role: Sr. Client Service Executive

The Lauerer Markin Group was a Marketing and Communications firm located in Maumee, OH. In the 90’s it was the largest agency in Northwest Ohio serving both B-to-C and B-to-B clients.

Role: Account Manager

Bozell was formed in 1921. In the 70s it was a top 10 agency and as it grew, one off-shoot became Bozell Kamstra in multiple cities around the country. My office was in Cleveland.

Role: Account Executive

Mitchell & Company was a Sales Promotional Agency located in Toledo, OH. It mainly serviced Fortune 500 companies in the building materials and home improvement industries.

Role: Account Executive

Former Clients

Case Studies

thumbnail image of therma-tru strategic marketing plans

Therma-Tru Creation of Co-op Marketing Program

Client: Therma-Tru
Agency: The Lauerer Markin Group, Inc.
Keri’s Role: Account Manager

Therma-Tru (TT) challenged LMG with the creation of a co-op program to use with their dealers. In addition to new sales tools such as the high-performing wall-poster and other collateral, the client desired to see the program go interactive. A site architecture and website was quickly spun up to allow ordering to take place online.

Download PDF>

thumbnail of owens corning case study

Owens Corning Roofing Collateral & Sample Program

Client: Owens Corning Roofing
Agency: Mitchell & Co.
Keri’s Role: Account Executive

With the launch of their Oakridge Deep Shadow series of shingles, Owens Corning desired a complete overhaul of the collateral and sample program. With multiple plant service areas requiring custom brochures, this complex system needed a strong attention to detail and follow-through that spanned nine months.

Download PDF>

thumbnail of damprid case study of digital strategic marketing plan

DampRid Successful Digital Media Test & Learn

Client: DampRid from WM Barr
Agency: SBC Advertising
Keri’s Role: Account Director

A successful Q4 test and learn leads to a multi-million dollar campaign the following season. Campaign receives above interest CTRs on mobile (.25%) and weather-related platforms (.17%) vs industry average at .06%. Campaign drove +12 pts of awareness to those exposed vs. not exposed and top two box purchase interest +9 pts.

Download PDF>

thumbnail for dow styrofoam where keri was strategic planner for project

Dow – Providing Builders the Built-Right-In Program

Client: Dow STYROFOAM Brand
Agency: Bozell Kamstra
Keri’s Role: Account Executive

One of the challenges of selling a product that sits behind the vinyl siding is promoting the importance of that product to home buyers. The Built-Right-In program gave home builders a tool that could be used in their model homes to stress the benefits of installing STYROFOAM® Brand Insulation in their builds.

Download PDF>

Goof Off YouTube
How-To Video Series

Client: Goof Off from WM Barr
Agency: SBC Advertising
Keri’s Role: Account Director

The premise behind this concept and execution was to show how to solve each problem with quick cuts of video that move quickly between each step. The actions and tools used are written on screen, in lieu of voice over. An upbeat sound track plays in the background.

Download PDF>

Ansell Collateral, Ads &
Trade Shows

Client: Ansell Healthcare
Agency: Fahlgren
Keri’s Role: Account Supervisor

For over a decade, Fahlgren was the AOR for Ansell Healthcare. In due time, a new catalog was needed along with an updated collateral system that presented their gloves in a more modern fashion. This was leveraged throughout their ads, brochures, sell sheets and booth graphics.

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